Wednesday, 4 August 2010


It's funny how I always become inspired to write very late at night.

I've been meaning to write a meaningless (hah) post about shoes... Having sorted a small selection from my collection to begin the start of my packing. Now, however, this seems irrelevant and totally self consuming.

It's strange how the mind fails to make up it's mind, and mine in particular darts about tricking itself into thinking it wants one thing then throwing it back and deciding on another.

I recently read a very inspiring blog which consisted mainly of travels and art. A couple of years ago art was a huge part of my life and I miss it. I miss the sense of total personal creativity that can represent one thing for myself, but be interpreted differently from another point of view. Unlike fashion, creating art - for me, takes me away from the fear of judgement and replaces it with a sense of sercurity. Perculiar when both art forms are at risk of judgement just as much as the other.

Currently I spend my days waiting. Doing nothing of great use. Just waiting.

I'm hoping moving to Califorina will allow my burning desire of adventure to spill out. I want to see new things, embrace change, and soak up the unrestrained sense of freedom. I don't want to waste of thing, let a moment pass me by, or live with any regret.

From the start I was determined to use this blog to picture document all the experiences I have. But now I wonder if I will regret such a decision and end up viewing my own experiences from afar instead of embracing them and actually living what is happening...


  1. "Currently I spend my days waiting. Doing nothing of great use. Just waiting"

    I find myself doing this all the time and im not even moving california. It's something that happened when I hit my 20s. Im always looking forward to "next weekend" or "next month" and never embracing today.

  2. It's depressing isn't it.
    Not to sound like a complete loser, but i'm really going to try hard to actually live every day in California.