Friday, 11 March 2011

That's what we got for waking up in Vegas...

Last month I really felt like I was living my year abroad to the max.

Some truly fabulous girls and I went on an epic adventure to Las Vegas for my English friend's 21st Birthday. It was one of the best weekends I've had. I laughed so hard I cried, cried so hard my hair was wet, and came back with countless priceless photos and pharses - I wish I had time to post about it all.

I always expected Vegas to be an expensive trip but not when you have amazing connections! I honestly felt like a celebrity with free limos, dinner, VIP entrance, not to mention unlimited champagne bars, and bottle service. Oh - did I mention I danced on stage with LMFAO ?!


Never before have I laughed so hard I fell on the floor.

Curtesy of phrases such as this:

"Oh s***, where's my underwear?"
"Maybe I did get raped last night..?"
"Stomp. Stomp. Stomp."
"At least the rapist was midly attractive."
"It all started with Adam and Eve... The f***ers."

...And many, many more...

Vegas is now one of my favourite places. It has redeemed my view on American night life. Now I need another excuse to go back to relive it all over again...

Saturday, 29 January 2011


I think the past two weeks has affirmed my love for the British and our newly acquainted commonwealth Kiwi.

The beginning of last quarter we were determined to make American friends in an attempt to embrace the Year Abroad experience...

And that's not to say we don't love and appreciate the Americans that put up with our cynicism and obnoxious humors - we do, it's just different.

Something I have noticed and have from then on wondered, is whether Americans actually like us for us, or just for the fact that we're English.

I went to a "frat party" last night and happened to make many "friends" with Americans - both male and female I hasten add. Now, my new suspicion is that some of these people would not turn a blind eye to us if we spoke with an American drawl, but the second we open our mouths they instantly want to become acquainted.

This theory has also been explored after a spontaneous binge drink at the pub with a few people from my English friend and mines class. Once again, instantaneously we had made a whole selection of "friends" who proceeded to migrate in class and sit surrounding us from all angles.

I could go so far as to make a comparison between the way we react when we meet other Europeans and people from the commonwealth. Instantly we bond over the differences in America and being European etc...

Now I'm not complaining or being ungrateful, I'm merely making an observation in the way we have been treated as the "English girls" in a nation of Americans. These bonds that we make with people could be genuine and sincere, but I can't help speculating as to ulterior motives...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Thank God for Saint Nick

I recently undertook a test on alcohol awareness for "college" students for my sorority initiation.

I was mortified when I was asked to fill in the amount of units of beverage I consume in the space a three weeks fearing I would be thrown out due to my disgusting binge drinking... but I was more mortified to find out I had only consumed three units of alcohol in three weeks.

Where has my social life evaporated to?

Never fear, good old Saint Nick season has arrived and I'm more than happy to say I will be returning to the land of tea and crumpets for ten days over Christmas.

I have written a list of things I would like to achieve in this space of time:

1. Eat so much food I gain 10lbs (I can hear the Californian girls gasping in horror)
2. Drink so much I feel ill
3. Dance so much my feet bleed
4. Stay out so late I witness the sun rise
5. Have the messiest, most English filled night of horror that my face is plastered all over Facebook much to everyone's embarrassment but my own

All these things will come with added Christmas cheer and many, many, mince pies...

I was speaking with one of my English friends today who said something that really made me think. She said in America she feel like a lesser version of herself. - And I'm not agreeing this is true as I think she's fabulous, but I feel like California has sucked the life out of me too.

I spend a vast amount of time watching what I say for fear of dirty looks and offending people. And when I do say something that would be considered "banter" in England, I find myself apologizing for being so obnoxious.

Now it may be a bit too early for New Years resolutions, and we may all be too serious and sober for my selfish sentimentality - But in this next year I vow to not pipe down, not apologize for being myself, and will embrace any and all dirty looks that come my way.

Disgustingly I found myself wishing to apologize in advance for what is to come.

On this note and due to the end of finals and "welcome back social life" celebrations, I am going to embrace my "21" years of age and march my English arse to the bar to consume a binge drinking amount of French Martinis.

Monday, 15 November 2010

America the Great...

It has come to my attention that there is a vast difference between American and British social life - and social standards for that matter. Over this past month I've become disgruntled by the lack of night life that I am presented with. Actually, on a more accurate note, the standard of night life.

My English friends and I (those currently on the Year Abroad) had a conversation about this the other day. When asked - "How was the party??" my English friend would reply - "Yeah, it was alright". But when asking a "frat" boy how the exact same party was - "DUUUUUUUUDDDEEEE OMG sicket party ever!" So we conclude that American's party like we did when we were fifteen. Stuck in a house or attending a venue (in England for someone's Birthday) where alcohol is limited and fear of doing something illegal is high on the agenda.

I would also like to address American dancing. I first encountered this horrific cultural shock at my first venue party. At the beginning I was midly impressed with the club and chose to ignore the severe lack of alcoholic beverages. But then, to my horror I entered the dance floor to witness was looked like the biggest, most sober, orgy ever. Girls were literally "backing-it-up", down on all fours, assuming the doggy position for the "lucky" male behind them. I just wanted to hand out condoms to everyone, promote safe sex, and pray that each and every single one of them didn't contract an STI. It's safe to say I left after a couple of hours, being no longer able to 1. Keep a straight face. and 2. Was concerned for my own backside.

Now, I don't want this post to be entirerly negative. In fact I quite enjoy the free alcohol given to me as a female at one of the many house parties, and I am quite partial to not having to pay an entrance fee to the venue parties - even if it is Buffalo Wild Wings.

I just wanted to vent my feelings on a few of the differences between what I am used to, and what I now experience.

But it is safe to say turning "21" overnight has deffinatly made me feel more at home.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Pirate Nudity...

We spent two days at Alex's Grandparent's house, and set off for day three of our roadtrip to Kansas City! Common sceanery included the "Lions Den", "Nude Girls Here!", and multiple other signs offerring truckers numerous happy endings...

Day 3! In the car!

Lions Den...

The second part of our day we dub the Pirate day! Missouri's sceanary isn't the most entertaining, so we blasted some Flogging Molly and were very amused as we passed a sign for "Pirate Boonsville"...

It took us ten hours to get to Kansas City and Alex was exhausted from the long drive. We checked into a motel and Alex decided to use the pool...

Later that evening after checking our finances - we decided it would be "like the-most-coolest-thing-EVER" if we camped out in Colorado and Utah, so we headed down to Walmart and picked up the cheapest tent we could find. Naturally we needed to check it was in working order, so we set it up in the room...

We're such children...

That night was one of the worst and most terrifying nights sleep ever... but I'll fill you in on that drama tomorrow!

...Trust me, the roadtrip does get more interesting.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day 1?

There's so much to say and I don't think there is enough time or will of any readers to read everything I've done and experienced in this last month.

Let's just say, it's been a much bigger and better culture shock than I'd ever have expected.

Over the next couple of weeks my plan is to update bits and bobs of what I've done this month, get up to date - and then fill you in a couple of times a week on the embarrassments and surreal experiences that my life has become.

Let's start from the beginning... the ROAD TRIP.

...Enter the temperamental Volvo...

...weighed down with everything that has become our life, with only enough room for my toes and Alex to drive - Oh! And Lola of course!

I almost feel Lola deserves her own post. Lola has a picture in every state, in front of every landscape and became our "good luck" charm over the trip. Something on the car sounds dodgy? Wiggle Lola! Don't think we'll make it through the mountains? Wiggle Lola! You get the idea...

The first day of the trip was kind of dull. Early morning start, long twelve hour drive, not to mention a lost mobile phone, a frantic stop in Indianapolis with a crazed phone call to an insurance company, another stop at the creepiest toilet at a place called "Pocahontas" that resembled the bathroom from Saw I, the beautiful view of the St Louis Arch - "gateway to the West",and finally getting near to Alex's Grandparents house only to get lost on the final stretch. So yes, not a very eventful first day...

In the car - Day 1.

Border of Indiana.

Just your average healthy American snack...

Illinois border.

Pocahontas. The scariest town in America.

Missouri border.

St Louis Arch.

Mississippi River.

Bridge over to Alex's Grandparents house.

Although not the most eventful day of our trip, it's defiantly one to remember. Only Alex could send us on an hours detour after leaving his phone on top of the car, driving off, and then proceeded to drive very slowly down the motorway thinking he'd find it...

We ended up spending two days with Alex's Grandparents. Some of the nicest people - and even though they totally didn't understand what to feed me as a vegetarian, I thoroughly enjoyed the "lovely salad bar" at Ruby Tuesdays... haha.

Sunday, 5 September 2010


I promise I'll update soon...

I'm currently in St. George Utah! We've been on the road trip for six days now and have had so many crazy experiences.

I'll get to California on Monday and will spend the week updating.

So many photos...

...So much to tell!