Monday, 15 November 2010

America the Great...

It has come to my attention that there is a vast difference between American and British social life - and social standards for that matter. Over this past month I've become disgruntled by the lack of night life that I am presented with. Actually, on a more accurate note, the standard of night life.

My English friends and I (those currently on the Year Abroad) had a conversation about this the other day. When asked - "How was the party??" my English friend would reply - "Yeah, it was alright". But when asking a "frat" boy how the exact same party was - "DUUUUUUUUDDDEEEE OMG sicket party ever!" So we conclude that American's party like we did when we were fifteen. Stuck in a house or attending a venue (in England for someone's Birthday) where alcohol is limited and fear of doing something illegal is high on the agenda.

I would also like to address American dancing. I first encountered this horrific cultural shock at my first venue party. At the beginning I was midly impressed with the club and chose to ignore the severe lack of alcoholic beverages. But then, to my horror I entered the dance floor to witness was looked like the biggest, most sober, orgy ever. Girls were literally "backing-it-up", down on all fours, assuming the doggy position for the "lucky" male behind them. I just wanted to hand out condoms to everyone, promote safe sex, and pray that each and every single one of them didn't contract an STI. It's safe to say I left after a couple of hours, being no longer able to 1. Keep a straight face. and 2. Was concerned for my own backside.

Now, I don't want this post to be entirerly negative. In fact I quite enjoy the free alcohol given to me as a female at one of the many house parties, and I am quite partial to not having to pay an entrance fee to the venue parties - even if it is Buffalo Wild Wings.

I just wanted to vent my feelings on a few of the differences between what I am used to, and what I now experience.

But it is safe to say turning "21" overnight has deffinatly made me feel more at home.