Friday, 27 August 2010

Audi Strike 1 ??

It's been an eventful couple of days...

I can't say it's been the best start to our road trip.

Day 1 the Volvo breaks down and we have to be towed (read below).

Day 2 the Audi feels the crunch of metal.

Alex and I were stopped at a red light on our way to what turned out to be a drunken whiskey filled evening. We were in the right lane going straight and as soon as the lights turned green a Honda came flying across from the left hand lane trying to make a right.

I wish I were lying when I told you we slammed on the breaks, blasted the horn but the guy just kept on coming, denting the front left hand corner of the Audi and smashing the headlight...

It was one of those moments where we could see it happening but there was nothing we could do... we sat hearts in our throats, screaming, swearing.

Luckily a police man saw everything, pulled us both over and fined "Xavier" for his gut-wrenching mistake.

The day after Alex and I picked up the temperamental Volvo and it's running better than I've ever heard it. But due to our two days of terrible luck we've decided to push our road trip back to Monday and spend 8 days travelling down. Same route, but they'll be more time for us to see things.

Every cloud?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Temperamental Volvo Stike 1

I finally made it to Detroit, after 12hours of travelling and way too much waiting around.

Yesterday was my first full day in the USA and Alex and I decided to embark on some retail therapy. It's kind of a tradition. Every time I visit we go to the supermarket and go to the "mall".

Ironically Alex and I were having a conversation about our luck - or lack there of, and how we had been so lucky up until now. Within a second the car shut off, the oil light came on and we were stranded on the side of the motorway.

The 1988 temperamental Volvo struck. Strike 1.

The car ended up being towed and is currently getting a new timing belt. (?!)

Luckily Alex's Dad was so kind to lend us his Audi A4 convertible. I felt like a film star all day. Driving with the top down, hair everywhere, Raybans on!

It was so typical though... Alex's family are now worried sick. His Grandparents are convinced we're going to break down on top of the Rocky Mountain or in the middle of Death Valley. Personally I still want to drive, but we'll have to see what is going to happen. There's a lot of talk or air fares, shipping, and new cars...

...I'll keep you updated...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Un día!!

I can't believe how soon it is until I leave.

I don't think I'm normal. Last week I held back tears of fear and nervs in China town as I chomped down dim sum, but this week - with only a day to go, I'm feeling fabulous about everything!

Having felt like I was going to throw up all week I'm more content than ever. I just feel like everything is falling into place.

Funny how with so much to do I suddenly got bombarded with work. - Extra pocket money for a mini shopping trip to the "mall" haha.

I've finally packed all my clothes, shoes, and handbags. It was easier than I thought choosing clothes - shoes on the other hand was a nightmare...

My Mum finally got to say "hi" to Alex's Mum - Kelly, face to face (or Skype to Skype!) this week. I nearly died. My Mum ran upstairs laughing and wanting to talk to Alex. Little did she know that Kelly was also on Skype, much to my Mum's embarrassment as she squealed "I've already had two glasses of wine!". But it was nice for them to get to finally have a chat.

I think I've discovered that leaving has its major ups. I've received more cards and presents in the past month than I did on my birthday; with the added hilarity of a girls night out which resulted in far too many bottles of wine, numerous amounts of unwanted attention, vomiting, a friend laying on the bottom of a taxi floor - stilettos in the air singing "Americano!!!" to my feet, and a spontaneous 3am 1hour walk across town only to be locked out as a very hilarious times.

I think my next update will be from Michigan! How crazy is that. I have my plane outfit planned and intend to take numerous photos in the airport, on the plane, and during my change in Chicago - yes I'm going to be one of THOOSE people.

I just can't wait!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


It's funny how I always become inspired to write very late at night.

I've been meaning to write a meaningless (hah) post about shoes... Having sorted a small selection from my collection to begin the start of my packing. Now, however, this seems irrelevant and totally self consuming.

It's strange how the mind fails to make up it's mind, and mine in particular darts about tricking itself into thinking it wants one thing then throwing it back and deciding on another.

I recently read a very inspiring blog which consisted mainly of travels and art. A couple of years ago art was a huge part of my life and I miss it. I miss the sense of total personal creativity that can represent one thing for myself, but be interpreted differently from another point of view. Unlike fashion, creating art - for me, takes me away from the fear of judgement and replaces it with a sense of sercurity. Perculiar when both art forms are at risk of judgement just as much as the other.

Currently I spend my days waiting. Doing nothing of great use. Just waiting.

I'm hoping moving to Califorina will allow my burning desire of adventure to spill out. I want to see new things, embrace change, and soak up the unrestrained sense of freedom. I don't want to waste of thing, let a moment pass me by, or live with any regret.

From the start I was determined to use this blog to picture document all the experiences I have. But now I wonder if I will regret such a decision and end up viewing my own experiences from afar instead of embracing them and actually living what is happening...