Friday, 27 August 2010

Audi Strike 1 ??

It's been an eventful couple of days...

I can't say it's been the best start to our road trip.

Day 1 the Volvo breaks down and we have to be towed (read below).

Day 2 the Audi feels the crunch of metal.

Alex and I were stopped at a red light on our way to what turned out to be a drunken whiskey filled evening. We were in the right lane going straight and as soon as the lights turned green a Honda came flying across from the left hand lane trying to make a right.

I wish I were lying when I told you we slammed on the breaks, blasted the horn but the guy just kept on coming, denting the front left hand corner of the Audi and smashing the headlight...

It was one of those moments where we could see it happening but there was nothing we could do... we sat hearts in our throats, screaming, swearing.

Luckily a police man saw everything, pulled us both over and fined "Xavier" for his gut-wrenching mistake.

The day after Alex and I picked up the temperamental Volvo and it's running better than I've ever heard it. But due to our two days of terrible luck we've decided to push our road trip back to Monday and spend 8 days travelling down. Same route, but they'll be more time for us to see things.

Every cloud?

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