Sunday, 18 July 2010

Who knew!

Second music post in in month! Don't know what has gotten into me...

I'm really enjoying Noah and the Whales - 5 Years Time. I know it's not a recent song but I'm giving it major love. My friend came to visit less than a week ago and we spent some time on Spotify and it has opened me up to a whole world of music that's so easily streamed and accessed.

Noah and the Whale - 5 Years Time.

I love this song not just because of it's catchy tune and cutsie lyrics, but because it makes you think of all your own fun times and make me want to make the most of all the experiences yet to come. Live in the moment!

I'm also a huge fan of their outfits and dance moves. So old school geek. These are the only dance moves I could hope to execute...

Noah and the Whale - Shape of My Heart.

In this songs I particularly like the whale tambourine and Mr One Eye's wrestling outfit. Geek sheek perfection.

Perfect round trip music too...

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