Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Temperamental Volvo Stike 1

I finally made it to Detroit, after 12hours of travelling and way too much waiting around.

Yesterday was my first full day in the USA and Alex and I decided to embark on some retail therapy. It's kind of a tradition. Every time I visit we go to the supermarket and go to the "mall".

Ironically Alex and I were having a conversation about our luck - or lack there of, and how we had been so lucky up until now. Within a second the car shut off, the oil light came on and we were stranded on the side of the motorway.

The 1988 temperamental Volvo struck. Strike 1.

The car ended up being towed and is currently getting a new timing belt. (?!)

Luckily Alex's Dad was so kind to lend us his Audi A4 convertible. I felt like a film star all day. Driving with the top down, hair everywhere, Raybans on!

It was so typical though... Alex's family are now worried sick. His Grandparents are convinced we're going to break down on top of the Rocky Mountain or in the middle of Death Valley. Personally I still want to drive, but we'll have to see what is going to happen. There's a lot of talk or air fares, shipping, and new cars...

...I'll keep you updated...

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  1. Ah that is so funny (well, the grandparents/rocky mountain scenario). They would totally say that. Enjoy your trip across the country! I am so excited for you guys!