Sunday, 18 July 2010


It's been a while and I know I've been seriously neglecting this blog.

Surprisingly enough I've been busy. I'm slowly but surely saving some money - It's anything but glamorous, I clean, look after children, and generally pick up any (legal) work I can. But hey! It's money and it's going to get me where I want to be.

It's a funny thing. As soon as you are granted everything you want, you're suddenly filled with doubts, fears, and begin to question you're previous motives for wanting what you want.

It hit me last night whilst sitting on an alien sofa eating ice-lollies, watching mainstream telly, and praying a disgruntled 1 year old I was sitting would sleep through the night... I'm actually moving. I'm going to be thrown into a world that is foreign beyond anything I can ever anticipate. I was apprehensive to meet this new world of so called "perfection" where boob jobs are rife and money is thrown about with disarray. I neither possess big boobs or have money to spare...

However, whilst going through my morning routine of devouring the blogs I love, I clicked on a link to I'm not sure of how to credit this blog or what the general rules are for recognizing other peoples work, but this blog has really made me think. I highly recommend anyone who has doubts about themselves to scroll down and read the post "Hey main stream media...", it features people from around and about basically giving two fingers to what has been fed to them by teen magazines. There are lots of the photo posts on

It's really helped jolt me out of my fear, it's sad and pathetic that I doubted myself. Now I aim to move to California with my own personality and try not to make myself conform to the stereotypes out there and just enjoy being me. Cheesy, I know but I am moving to the world of walking bumper stickers after all...

p.s. Visa interview next Friday! Final step - eeek!!

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