Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"....drunk boys leave their arms in the fireplace."

As I attempt to find a home for the mountain of pointless crap I've returned home from Uni with I rediscovered Dazed Digital playlist for April...

I don't know how I ever forgot. I'm once again in love.

I've been in love with these miraculous playlists since the very start of uni, waiting impaitiently for them to pop up on my screen every month. Somewhere inbetween exams and trying desperatly to find a summer job I forgot.

April's 2010 playlist is especially good. I'm particularly fond of Drunk Girls - LCD Soundsystem: lyrically hilarious and perfectly sarcastic.

I adore feel good music and this track has really hit the spot.

A Dazed playlist I never bored of is March 2008. I've loved it from the off and have never gotten annoyed of hearing it on repeat.

I'm not very good a writing about music. In everyday conversation I forget the artist and titles of every song. So in this rare moment I'm going to quit whilst I'm ahead! Go listen to LCD Soundsystem!!

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