Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I have a really bad tendancy to plan everything in advance. This could be a good thing, but I tend to do it to make sure things are actually real. I've spent the past 3 years living on hope and I can't believe I'm about to experience everything I've ever wanted. I guess you could say that's how this blog appeared. I need a place to explain, perhaps to myself what's going to happen within the next few months and be able to look back and say "wow, that really happened".

To start with I've been accepted to study English at the University of Irvine CA and will start there on the 20th August. I've never been to California. Sure I've been to the states from time to time, but I have never ventured as far as the West coast. I spend most of my time in Michigan with this boy:

Safe to say we spend most of our time together eating sushi and making trips to Chicago.

So moving to Cali is going to be a big step. We've been accepted for an apartment which scares and excites me endless amounts. I've never lived with a boy before - well apart from my rabble of housemates in my first year of uni, but they don't really count. It's going to be a massive change from the long distance relationship we have had to adapt to, to living in a studio apartment. Needless to say he's probably going to realise I'm crazy, self-destructive, and a walking mess. But I think we might just be ok.

Now! The plans for our road trip have been near finalized (with the exception of booking motels and actually packing haha). We're starting off in Michigan, driving through Illinois, down to Missouri and staying with Alex's Grandparents. I've never met them and am bound to make some horrific first impression that will be scarred into their memories. After this we're heading through Kansas (ANYONE know anything cool to see in Kansas and i'm all for it). From here we're headed to Colorado and the rockies, (i'm praying to the Volvo God's that we don't break down here) and then are making our way through Utah, into Nevada and onto the Las Vegas strip, and down into California. I'm predicting this is going to take us 6 days. 6 days of me chatting none stop and wearing myself out, whilst Alex puts on metal music and I fall asleep to the voice of a man who sounds like he really needs a strepsil...

Think I'm just going to put it out there... if anyone has been to, or knows of any cool things to see and do in the following states please let me know:

- Missouri
- Kansas
- Colorado
- Utah
- Nevada

Much appreciated in advance. I really want to use this trip to discover some really interesting things, take lots of photos, and have some crazy stories that I can write about... All I can do now is wait for August to swing around and try and restrain myself from packing already...

Hopefully I'll have some actual interesting things to write about soon! Visa day tomorrow, things are becoming so real. If you've stuck it out through this ramble - thank you! Promise once I'm out there I'll have something real to say... fingers crossed...

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  1. Hey,

    I can help with Utah!! YaY!

    Salt Lake City is the main centre part and there's this spot called in Salt Lake called 'Temple square' Which is pretty cool. IT's where the head quaters are for the Church of JEsus Christ of Latter-day Saints are. They have loads of Beautiful Temples dotted all around Utah so go check one out. they are gorgeous. There is one on Temple Square that is really famous and beautiful (especially at night).

    Go to the sliding rock!! It's way cool. It's up in Alpine near Provo in UT and it's awesome. It's a waterfall that goes on a smooth granite rock, so it's basically a natural flume!! look it up its so cool!

    Theres loads of things to do in UT. They are the only things i can think of from off the top of my head. I would recomend you climb a mountain at some point on your trip since you'll be going through loads of beautiful mountain ranges. if you have time.

    oh! look out for Mount Timpanogas (i think thats how you spell it) it's the profile of a woman lying down. The legend has it that Timpanogas was like this beautiful american indian that for some reason threw herself off the top of a mountain or somethind and now you can see her in the mountain rainge. I can't actually remember the actual story.

    Canyons. Go to some canyons! Theres a whole bunch at the bottom of UT like Zion Canyon, Brice Canyon and others. If you get the chance at some point whilst you are over on that side of the country, get to the Grand Canyon. It will litterally blow your mind!

    I'm sorry i'm rambling on your blog which you probably don't appreciate. E-mail me and i'll have a think and let you know about other ideas for things to do in Utah.