Sunday, 30 May 2010


I'm free! Exams are over and summer is finally within reach. This time tomorrow I'll be in Turkey in the 30c heat. The only thing left to do is pack... I. HATE. PACKING. It really is my pet-peeve. Currently my room is stacked high with boxes, bags, and suitcases. It's a mess. I've moved my Uni room back into my old room at home. Yesterday I lived in my pj's to save the hassle of hunting through the mountain of stuff. I always wonder how I accumulate so many things. And in all honesty most of it is just stuff. Stuff I don't even need. I guess everyone slips into the mass consumerism without realizing it. On that note I went to a Topshop sale in Canterbury and stumbled upon these AMAZING sequin harem pants. They're actually my life right now. I never seen something so shiny, so inappropriate, but just so right. I'm in love.

I have a problem with buying inappropriate and ugly clothes and shoes. I think I subconsciously make it my personal mission to buy awkward clothes just to try and make them work. A personal challenge. I think I might have to refrain from taking them with me. I have no social boundaries. I just told my Grandma I was planning on wearing them to visit a Muslim temple in Turkey. Apparently that is not socially acceptable. On the same shopping trip where I found the harem pants, my housemate said in passing how most the clothes I own she would never pick out because they look so wrong. The same goes for my shoes. I collect shoes as pieces of art. Before I leave for California I'll have to post some of my favourites...

Naturally I've gone right off topic... back to packing. I think I've collected together the clothes and shoes I want to take to Turkey for the two weeks:

I still have a few more pairs of shoes to add, these are just the simple flip-flops and sandals that were lying around. I worry when I pack that I'm going to get to my destination and need a certain shirt or accessory to make an outfit work. Hence why I usually end up cramming everything into my suitcase - just in case! But today I think I've been reasonably selective. I still have more accessories to pack, but I think I'm good for now... Hopefully I'll be able to update from Turkey! Living without any form of normal communication for two weeks is going to be challenging!

I just can't wait to see all the colourful clothes and accessories at all the markets and wonderfully strange new foods. Safe to say I'll return with lots more "Stuff" to add to my mountains of boxes... I really need to sort my life out...

Hopefully update soon!

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