Saturday, 29 January 2011


I think the past two weeks has affirmed my love for the British and our newly acquainted commonwealth Kiwi.

The beginning of last quarter we were determined to make American friends in an attempt to embrace the Year Abroad experience...

And that's not to say we don't love and appreciate the Americans that put up with our cynicism and obnoxious humors - we do, it's just different.

Something I have noticed and have from then on wondered, is whether Americans actually like us for us, or just for the fact that we're English.

I went to a "frat party" last night and happened to make many "friends" with Americans - both male and female I hasten add. Now, my new suspicion is that some of these people would not turn a blind eye to us if we spoke with an American drawl, but the second we open our mouths they instantly want to become acquainted.

This theory has also been explored after a spontaneous binge drink at the pub with a few people from my English friend and mines class. Once again, instantaneously we had made a whole selection of "friends" who proceeded to migrate in class and sit surrounding us from all angles.

I could go so far as to make a comparison between the way we react when we meet other Europeans and people from the commonwealth. Instantly we bond over the differences in America and being European etc...

Now I'm not complaining or being ungrateful, I'm merely making an observation in the way we have been treated as the "English girls" in a nation of Americans. These bonds that we make with people could be genuine and sincere, but I can't help speculating as to ulterior motives...

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  1. You are brilliant, as are these blogs <3